Accomodating people with

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Accomodating people with

A grocery store employee may need to assist a customer who uses a wheelchair, by retrieving merchandise from a high shelf.Staff may need to help a customer who has an intellectual disability in understanding product labels or instructions.Employees with disabilities can also teach their coworkers about creativity and other ways to solve problems or accomplish different tasks.This is the most simple, but difficult reason for employers to understand about hiring workers with disabilities.The Americans with Disabilities Amendments Act (ADAAA) modified the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) in 2009, expanding the group of people who will be covered and putting more emphasis on employers’ behavior when cases go to court.

This is why the ADA requires businesses to make “reasonable modifications” in their usual ways of doing things when it is necessary to accommodate customers who have disabilities.

This course is also available specifically for California Supervisors.

Whether formally or informally, there are policies, practices, procedures, and routines that help the business operate as smoothly as possible.

Most accommodations involve making minor adjustments in procedures or providing some extra assistance to a customer with a disability.

Usually the customer will let you know if he or she needs some kind of accommodation.

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Doing what works The ADA does not spell out exactly what you must do in every situation.