Adult dating wamesit massachusetts

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Adult dating wamesit massachusetts

Price includes the concert, but the a la carte buffet is extra. Another human form, that of Pat Gill, as painted by her son.

Brush With History artist Tom Gill, created a stir of excitement at the Gallery’s "Edge of White” show when Pat herself joined the crowd at the opening reception.

Tutors, teachers, students, volunteers and others interested in adult literacy are invited to attend Workshops are planned on teaching and management skills, literacy issues, and the latest materials, methods and research.

Contact Krista Mc I,eod at Pollard Memorial Library. At Discovery Museums What Flag Are You Flying" will be the subject of a special program for younger children (toddlers-age 8) on June 14 (Flag Day), from ll a rn -noon, at Discovery Museums, Route 27.

The vibrant works of art - including woven pieces as well as paintings and pottery, and a magni Ficent swan-crib by furniture artist Brent Ramer - were set off by Audrey Trull’s glorious arrang-ments of blooming hibiscus, a fuschia topiary tree and massive branches of pink dogwood. □ To be felled by a heat problem is no picnic at any time, but for popular Dick Moore (husband of artist Janet Lam-bert-Moore) it was especially inconvenient, as he was readying the opening of "Chauncey’s,” a sub shop for their son Chauncey. □ "Please let my friends know I’m still alive at 85,” says "Happy Helen” Tareila, back in Chelmsford from her Florida home.

Instead, the opening was postponed and Dick was rushed to St. The honorary mayor of Crystal River in that state, Helen is the most indefatigably cheery person around.

W Afemndeti A SUPERMARKETS \ J \ Register now to WIN a 14’ Fisherman boat! Items & Prices In Effect Through Wednesday, June 14, 1989 Sirloin Steakhouse Style Great on [usda the grill!

Helen was entertained in Florida recently by a band she employed for more than 30 years at "Happy Helen’s” on the Pawtucket Boulevard Bert La France and Shirley and George Goodness on drums, organs, guitars and vocals Filled her home and the neighborhood with big band music.Persons interested in joining the Market can contact Alvson Garland (459-0551 xl38.Acton Area NOW The National Organization of Women, Acton Area chapter, which serves the Greater Lowell community, will hold an open meeting on June 14. Interested persons are invited to attend Playwrights’ Festival Eight new one-act plays, including Jack Ne-ary's "Jerry Finnegan's Sister” and D K Oklahoma's "Anna's Brooklyn Promise.” will be presented over the course of three nights at the Playwrights’ Platform June 15-17, 22-24 and 29-July I. at the Elizabeth Peabody House, 277 Broadway, Somerville Neary s play will be presented June 16.Here’s some common-sense advice on how to remove your body from risk without giving up your computing habit.Your eyes, for example, should be protected from glare and a flickering, dirty, low-contrast monitor.

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Acton Fun construction of family flags to take home is planned.

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