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By the time the pseudo-relationship came to a fiery end involving arguing and tears on my apartment stoop, the fluttery feeling had long gone, replaced by the sneaking suspicion that dating is, in fact, pure bullshit.

(A quick Google search of “intentional dating” also brings up a lot of religion-focused articles, which is different from the concept I’m referring to here.)The deeper dating philosophy doesn’t require you to be serious about finding “the one.” In fact, it encourages you to take the future out of the equation entirely, treating each date as a full relationship in and of itself.

"Listen to his worries or problems without trying to fix them," Dr. "It shows him you don't deem him weak or inadequate and affords him a place in the relationship to share that part of his life.

Moreover, it shows you care." If he comes home from work in a bad mood, ask him if he wants to let it out.

It wasn’t until I met a woman named Meghan Holzhauer (whom I interviewed for a story about couples who work together) that I realized it didn’t have to be this way.

Meghan told me about “intentional” or “deeper dating” — a philosophy she learned from her life coach that changed how she thought about dating.

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Even though women function differently, your man appreciates when you focus your attention solely on him.

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