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It is your chance to present your freshest, most positive self. Whether or not the person sitting across from you is there to share that future is wholly irrelevant – this is about you. Even creating your profile is a worthwhile exercise.There are definitely some things you need to be careful of in the new dating world, so don’t be naïve.If you are not feeling so confident it’s time to get boosting your self-esteem and how you feel within you – get moving physically and your mindset will start to shift with a boost of those much-needed endorphins. Am I marriage-minded, am I looking for a long-term relationship? This is your opportunity to get really honest and transparent with yourself about what you want in a match.If you’re not feeling so good about your wardrobe get yourself to one of the large department stores – most people don’t realise that visiting a personal shopper/stylist in these places is often complimentary. Sarah Louise Ryan is hosting Love Lesson: Dating After Divorce workshop in a London West End Theatre this June. If you approach it in this way, things make more sense, and the angst is lessened…somewhat.Post disso dating enables you to re-present yourself.You won’t have a new identity, but you will be able to see yourself afresh through someone else’s eyes. You are still a parent/college graduate/Californian, whatever – I am not proposing a completely new or fabricated identity.But the person who sits across from you at the coffee shop, bar or restaurant has not shared the history, resentments, failures or humiliations of your past.

Hopefully this will get you excited about dating again. Know what you want and don’t lie about it because their profile photo looks fab.The most important thing after divorce is to find yourself and like yourself.For me, my friends are important and I have a great circle so if I meet someone along the way, great, but, if not, nothing changes.This will help a lot, being able to ‘steal’ some success techniques from them.Reading blog posts or listening to some podcasts are other things I recommend.

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If you’re happy to take on other people’s kids, say so. Don’t lie – it will just come back to haunt you in the end. Especially on dating sites because some men who use it are married and want their egos boosted or are double dating to keep their options open.