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In some recent cases, the links between the arsonists and hate groups have been documented. CDR maintains that this link is evident, whether or not a formal association exists.White supremacist ideology is the driving force behind hate rhetoric and the use of violence to threaten and intimidate.In his races for various offices, Duke denied that he was a racist, even though his Klan activity and his founding of the National Association for the Advancement of White People is well documented. His racist rhetoric prompted thousands to vote for him and financially support his campaign. He announced to the school that a young woman of mixed race had been a "mistake." The final result of racial tensions provoked by the divided community was a school that was burned to the ground. April 26, 1996--Effingham Baptist Church, Florence County, S. These Church fires remain on the list as notes of possible suspect findings: Bluff Road U. C., Columbia, South Carolina - Electrical Jerusalem Baptist Church, Boligee, Alabama - Electrical Central Baptist Church, Dallas County, Alabama - Lightning Falling Meadows Baptist Church, West Point, Mississippi - Ceiling Furnace Primitive Baptist Church, Lauderdale, Mississippi - Discarded Cigarette Jerusalem Baptist Church, Aiken, South Carolina - Electrical Fires since 1990 that have occured around Dr. Following close behind the racial incidents were appearances by Nathan Thomaston and his Klan from Heard County, Georgia, and Richard Barrett's Nationalist Movement. April 13, 1996-- Rosemary Baptist Church, Barnwell, S.

Robb's guests include skinheads, neo-Nazis, and members of Aryan Nations, as well as Klansmen.

A black couple seeking to buy a house in Austell, a suburb of Atlanta, were dissuaded when the house was vandalized with red "KKK" symbols and "niger go home." On July 18, 1993, four men dressed in white sheets doused a cross in front of the home of a white woman who lived with a black man.

KKK, Confederate Forces Knights of the KKK; Conyers KKK, Fraternal White Knights; Cartersville KKK, Cavalier Knights; Oakwood KKK, Friendly Knights; Franklin Nathan Bedford Forrest Society; Savannah KKK, Rebel Knights; Dawsonville KKK, Royal Confederate Knights; Rome KKK, Southern Confederate Knights; Rome Southern National Party, Austell KKK, Southern White Knights; Redan KKK, US Klans Knights; Stockbridge KKK, New Order Knights; Augusta KKK, North Georgia Knights; Rossville KKK, Winder Knights; Winder National Alliance; Stone Mountain SS Action Group; Covington SS of America; Marietta True Knights, Aryan Nation; Experiment Church of the Avenger; Cordele Church of the Creator; Kennesaw Crusade Against Corruption; Marietta Confederate Hammerskins; Marietta Aryan Freedom Fighters; Chatsworth Aryan National Front; Marietta Aryan Resistance League; Conyers Aryan Sisters League; Smyrna Fyrdung; Roswell White Women's Association; Smyrna Atlanta Committee for Historical Review; Atlanta Five Ku Klux Klan members were indicted in 1991 for burning nine crosses in the Shreveport area to intimidate blacks.

The Center for Democratic Renewal recognizes that the increased attack on Southern Black churches is part of a growing national trend of violent intolerance.

Southern Black churches, particularly in rural areas, are the heart and soul of the Black community.

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AKIA (Inter-Klan publication); Camden KKK, Knights of the Ku Klux Klan; Harrison, Gravette Kingdom Identity Ministries; Harrison KKK, Knights in the Ozarks; Bentonville Aryan Nations; Camden National Association for the Advancement of White People; Harrison, Mabelvale Skinheads (name unknown); Pulaski County A Chatham County teen, the son of a Ku Klux Klan leader, was indicted in 1993 for spraypainting "KKK" and "move or else" on the pickup truck of a black family living in an all-white neighborhood.

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