An error occurred while validating hresult setup project black and white dating tumblr

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I'm quite angry about this as it took me over an hour to defeat the problem and document it.

Update July 2017 -- This post was updated for more recent versions.

It turns out you need something like this sample: The arguments are fragile and you must specify the path of the sln file first, then /Project specifies the path to the vdproj file (which is a part of the solution), then other switches which are documented HERE.

If you get anything slightly wrong then all you get is the devenv help display.

However, this time, all I could get out of this command was: For ages I thought it was my fault due to a syntax error or a version stuff up.

The solution towards “An error occurred while validating.

To verify that it was somehow related to the Zebra SDK, I build another very simple application that includes the SDK and get the same error.

I followed a number of threads on this error from Google but nothing that has been relevant.

Add Primary output from Windows Forms project to Setup project 7. The Windows Forms project will compile successfully 9.

It appears that at least one in instance showed that the entries for the IEnum VARIANT interface were corrrupted.

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The problem was almost impossible to reproduce and unpredictable in its manner: The customers had several setup projects in their solution and the error appeared seemingly random during the compilation of each of them.

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