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This error occurs when the signature certificate on Splunk does not match the certificate that the Id P uses to sign SAML messages.

However I'm getting the error "Error processing SAML response".Jsp Servlet.service(Jsp at javax. Http Servlet.service(Http at org.eclipse.jetty.servlet. Servlet Holder.handle(Servlet at org.eclipse.jetty.servlet. Servlet Handle(Servlet at org.eclipse.jetty.server.handler. Hi, I'm trying to setup an Outsystems SSO authentication, using Auth0 as my identity provider.The configuration details are specific to the IDP, but in general you must download the SAML file from your Cloudera Navigator instance and perform the other steps below.This topic documents the error codes and messages that are generated when your Id P returns an invalid SAML response during user login through SSO.

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