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Instead, producers told the cast: “This is a real first date: Think about who you are, the stories you tell, what you want to want to get across.” Here’s why “Dating Around,” the six-episode series now streaming, is the perfect 2019 reality show (unlike E!’s awful new “Dating: #No Filter”), worth watching this Valentine’s Day.Though set in New York City and featuring mostly beautiful people in trendy jobs, those close-to-typical folks are very relatable.

“We didn’t want (daters) to sit down and say something outrageous, like in a 2005 reality show,” co-creator Chris Culvenor says.You know, just like regular people who aren’t on a contrived dating show.“It’s not ‘someone finding the love of their life and and proposing at the end,” Culvenor says.Elsewhere, Tyrone returns home for lunch and is taken aback to find Mary has prepared a lasagne and chilled some wine.In Emmerdale Harriet convinces Dawn to go on a date with Ryan but she’s horrified to be harassed by one of her ex-punters, Leon.

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Lovely Jubbly follows wheeler-dealer stallholders at Dagenham Market, Essex, as they flog their wares.

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