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The glasses have stopped working, though, allowing him to give a speech about how beautiful she is, winning her over.

There’s some last drama about his failed surgery, but basically that’s THE END.

For the rest of us, there are better, stronger movies about love and/or the blind. (He has worn them his entire life.) He enters the hospital for the first time and slips on a kid’s toy car. It makes for a wacky moment for the trailer, but seems out of place in the actual sluggish film.

"With Blindfold, you learn about the other person by playing games before you meet.He gets her back to his place, but after her wild erotic dance figures out he’s blind and leaves angrily. Danny does go through with the surgery and it works. There are tears when he sees his family and one friend for the first time.He goes around enjoying seeing, but the procedure begins failing almost immediately.She knows her family will disapprove, and so much of her future has already been arranged for her. She breaks it to Danny, which is cruel after all their dating.It’s a very transparent situation, but he still blames it on the fact that he’s blind.

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Extremely related: there's a new dating app you might want to know about. "Tinder has turned into a platform for one-night stands and booty calls, while sites like e Harmony are too serious, focusing on marriage and kids.