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Capitol one credit card consolidating

If other banks adopted this policy, free travel would be much easier.This is also a great way to preserve your Capital One miles if you’re considering canceling your card.Let us know what you think of combining Capital One miles! And we're proud of our content, opinions and analysis, and of our reader's comments.These haven’t been reviewed, approved or endorsed by any of the airlines, hotels, or credit card issuers which we often write about. :) ' data-post_id="532881" data-user_id="0" data-is_need_logged="0" data-lang="en" data-decom_comment_single_translate=" comment" data-decom_comment_twice_translate=" comments" data-decom_comment_plural_translate=" comments" data-multiple_vote="1" data-text_lang_comment_deleted='Comment deleted' data-text_lang_edited="Edited at" data-text_lang_delete="Delete" data-text_lang_not_zero="Field is not null" data-text_lang_required="This field is required." data-text_lang_checked="Mark one of the points" data-text_lang_completed="Operation completed" data-text_lang_items_deleted="The items have been deleted" data-text_lang_close="Close" data-text_lang_loading="Loading..."It used to be so easy to share miles with anyone who had a Cap One card, but that functionality has been removed.You can redeem 55,000 points for 11 nights at a hotel like the Hyatt Regency Dulles, and then you’re left with 1,000 Hyatt points.Those 1,000 points aren’t enough to redeem for a free hotel night. But if you could combine them with another traveler’s balance, you might be able to make good use of them. For example, if you and a travel companion want to reserve 2 one-way Business Class flights to Western Europe for 55,000 Air Canada Aeroplan miles each, you’ll need to transfer a total of ~147,000 Capital One miles to Air Canada Aeroplan.The first option lets you combine points with yourself.In other words, if you have a Capital One Venture card and you want to combine those points with your Capital One Spark Miles card, you CAN!

You can’t transfer Capital One miles to another person’s airline account, so this is the perfect workaround.

Now they seem to want you to use their travel partners or call in personally to transfer miles–but only to another account of which you are the primary cardholder.

A great company in so many ways but this change makes me want to move to a different company.

Combining your points across multiple accounts is a fantastic benefit for any travel program.

It gives you the ability to achieve your travel dreams much faster!

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Note: If you’re thinking about canceling a Capital One card to avoid paying an annual fee, consider downgrading to a no-annual-fee card instead.