College educated women dating uneducated men Sex chat with simple mobile

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College educated women dating uneducated men

The headline is, “Hookup culture isn’t the real problem facing singles today.

It’s math.” You have to get to the sixth paragraph before you find out that Q: Some of these descriptions make it sound like the social progress and education that women have obtained has been a lose-lose situation: In the past women weren’t able to get college educations, today they can, but now they’re losing in this other realm [dating].

It’s just a fancy term for marrying a spouse with a similar educational background.

Age-old scare tactics assert that women who are “too” educated or high-earning will have trouble finding a husband—which, the scare mongers assume, is women’s only true source of happiness (for example: Susan Patton 2013).

Fewer men for women to choose from, plus men eschew marriage when they’re surrounded by desperate women, so lower marriage rates for women.

But wait: the sex ratios are so much better for non-college women — they are outnumbered by male peers in almost every market, and usually by a lot.

I can’t show dating patterns with Census data (and neither can Birger), but I can show first-marriage rates — that is, the rate at which never-married people get married.

Here are the education-specific sex ratios, and first-marriage rates, for 18-34-year-old never-married women in 279 metropolitan areas, from the 2009-2011 American Community Survey.** Blue circles for women with high school education or less, orange for BA-holders (click to enlarge): Note that for both groups marriage rates are lower for women when there are more of them relative to men — the downward sloping lines (which are weighted by population size).

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