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Cops dating felons

This means that person should not resist or become violent in such situations.

If he does, he risks giving his harasser cause to continue to mistreat him or harm him.

Questioning may qualify as harassment when it is arbitrary.

Sometimes police officers will make a habit of stopping a certain person and demanding answers to random events, even when they do not suspect his involvement. The same type of situation can arise with search and seizure.

In many instances, police harassment may be found to be a violation of a person’s civil rights.

It is not wise for a person who is being harassed to try to seek justice on the spot from the officer who is harassing him.

on May 26, conducting a search warrant in his south Chicago home.

When officers act contrary to law and abuse their power, they are often guilty of police harassment.Amirs mother, Crystal Worship, filed the civil suit against the City of Country Club Hills and the SWAT officers involved in the raid, struggling to understand why the safety was off on the officers gun.There is a silent epidemic of trauma being perpetrated upon the children and families of color by Chicago and South Suburban police barreling into the wrong homes, said Hofeld.Many people do not exercise their rights for justice in these situations because they believe the incidents are too minor. Unjust police tactics can cause a person mental or physical harm.It can cause a person to lose his job, to be evicted from his place of residence, or to sustain unfair losses of property.

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