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Currier ives dating prints

There is a story that a collector drove for hours to go see a top Currier & Ives because the owner told him it had large margins and was in great shape, but when the collector got to the owner's house he found that it was a reproduction, only about half the size of the original.

(Sorry about this rant, but this is a basic disagreement I have with a number of Currier & Ives collectors).Currier & Ives themselves sold prints in their shop with the option of buying them framed.If you went into their shop and picked out a print and a frame, they would immediately cut down the print to fit into the frame.For fifty days running, these prints were illustrated and described in the .This publicity created much interest, and subsequent newspaper sales, so that the following year the "Best 50" small folio prints were also selected (four medium folio prints were included in this list).

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Last week I discussed general information about "America's printmakers," Currier & Ives.

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