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Please don’t tell Walt, but Disney’s forthcoming blockbuster, Oz: The Great and Powerful isn’t really the sort of film I’d voluntarily go and see.

The 1939 Wizard of Oz creeped me out so much as a little girl, I find myself overtaken by a sudden-and-highly-unusual urge to do housework when my own children watch it on DVD.

So what on earth is she doing in this does-what-it-says-in-the-title crowd pleaser?

“It’s impossible to define what makes me want to do a script; there’s no formula,” she says, unapologetically.

They courted quietly and married in secrecy in 2011 and it says a lot for the esteem in which Weisz is held that not a soul begrudged her bagging James Bond. “In America there’s wildlife that can kill you,” she says.

They are occasionally caught by the paparazzi walking along, looking as ordinary as an off-duty 007 and an Oscar-winner (Best Supporting Actress for her extraordinary turn in The Constant Gardener) can look in jeans and coats and boots. “Just 90 minutes outside New York there are poisonous snakes and bears; in the hiking shops you can buy bear bells, so the bears can hear you coming – you really don’t want to surprise one of those.” And what about when a photographer looms up when she’s on the school run or pokes a lens where it’s not wanted when she and her husband are minding their own business on their way to dinner?

When she subjects Glinda the good fairy, aka Michelle Williams, to prolonged electric shocks I think it’s fair to say we don’t need to be told we’re not in Kansas any more. In real life, Michelle is a great friend, funny and ironic and very clever, and our kids play together, so it was tremendous fun to demonstrate such pleasure as I tried to destroy her.” When we meet, Weisz is ensconced in a suite at Claridge’s and there are no green bolts of lightening sizzling from her fingertips.

In the flower vases are the most impossibly gorgeous posies of vanilla roses, which is presumably the sort of thing Hollywood leading ladies routinely insist upon. I can’t bear it when Americans try to fob me off with Lipton’s.” Weisz, who has a six-year-old son, Henry, from her previous relationship with filmmaker Darren Aronofsky, lives in New York, with Craig, 45. ” Absolutely not, but in the US, country walks are rather different from a stroll across Hampstead Heath, where the most sinister peril is the odd clump of stinging nettles.

The effects are stunning, and while younger children might take fright at the computer-generated combat scenes, there are moments of tenderness – and, of course, lots of witches’ familiars.

“I’d like to say that imagining there are 100,000 wingèd baboons flying towards you is incredibly hard, but it’s actually very easy,” says Weisz, beaming at the ridiculousness of it. ” Unlike many of her peers, Weisz refuses to worry that she may come up against the Hollywood prejudice against older actresses.

But somehow I can’t see either of them throwing a hissy fit.

In Oz: The Great and Powerful, she plays her first cartoonesque baddie, Evanora: a scheming beauty with a soft spot for torture. I was determined to play her like Bette Davis and really ratchet up the melodrama.

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“I just knew I’d been playing earth-bound, emotional characters and this was entirely different and I’m always greedy for new experiences.