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  1. I get so many emails from divorced men and women asking for divorce advice for dating again. Start by liking yourself as you are, and accepting yourself as you are. At 16, and in my twenties and even thirties I felt untainted, happy-go-lucky, prettier, skinnier, and had no bitterness or baggage or history of anything bad at all really. I had: wrinkles, sagging skin, a muffin top, varicose veins, not to mention a broken heart and baggage. I found myself with more wisdom, compassion, I was more interesting, I was funnier, and I still felt physically attractive, but in a more mature, confident way. I had more wrinkles, a bigger muffin top, more varicose veins, and more baggage. Swiping right and left is so quick that some people are going to pass up great people—like you. Never go home with someone you meet online until you know him/her really well and always take your own car or Uber to the dates. First date advice: go in with the attitude that you are interviewing your date-not “I hope he/she likes me.” Keep conversation relatively light and do not badmouth your ex or talk about your divorce. Plus, no one wants to hear “My asshole ex owes me 00 and refuses to pay.

  2. The current top 3 online dating books on amazon at the moment are. Most social networking sites, like Facebook, consider 13 the youngest age to start social networking, and online dating is not a smart place to start social networking. There are many free online dating websites, such as Zoosk and Oasis. Online dating is finding someone online and getting to know them without actually meeting them face to face.