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Dating club kiew

That’s one thing we are excited about.” Having worked in the matchmaking industry for more than 26 years, Kailen has gained invaluable experience in determining compatibility.Now, after working on perfecting The Lodge Social Club for a couple of years, her team of developers in Silicon Valley are putting the finishing touches on the app before it goes live.The Lodge Social Club hosts exclusive pop-up events in cities around the world and triple vets its clients, so singles can make genuine connections.While working as a matchmaker for 26 years, Kailen Rosenberg said she heard the same questions from singles from around the world: “Do high-quality singles exist? ” Kailen said successful men and women who are ready for committed, healthy relationships do exist. “You can find them on dating apps, but they’re often physically, emotionally, and spiritually exhausted by the online experience,” she told us.Members can access exclusive invitations to sophisticated social networking events held around the globe.

“We each come from different backgrounds, but we all are here to help others experience love.Next, members submit identification, which shows that they are who they say they are.Then, the Lodge differentiates itself even further with a third step called The Real Reveal test.The app launches soon and includes two levels of membership: bronze and platinum.Members are invited to attend a variety of pop-up events with platinum members receiving a few extra invites.

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The events are typically in association with high-end luxury lifestyle brands.