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Posted by / 10-May-2020 00:38

“You may be experiencing isolation because you haven’t taken risks at being vulnerable and shown them the real you, so you aren’t connecting deeply,” she says.

The positive news is that if your relationship falls into the latter group, there are actually ways that you can combat these feelings.

O., or it can be as simple as sharing a story with them.She explains that "communicating well does not predict satisfaction in a couple, but that a satisfied couple communicates well." Because of this, even if you and your partner are able to improve your communication skills, you still might not feel less lonely in your relationship.However, Polard notes that if there is still love in your hearts for one another, you can work towards reconnecting.If you're feeling lonely in your relationship, take the time to go inward and be honest with yourself about why this may be. "We just feel bored and blame the other for not being more exciting," she explains in an article for Psychology Today.Some people are addicted to external stimulation, according to Andrea F. When this is the case, the best thing you can do is acknowledge that you may be feeling this way.

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Expressing your feelings and thoughts will help you feel more valued in your relationship because this communication is how you achieve mutual respect. You don’t even always have to agree with the other person’s opinion.