Dating imperial pocket knives Does online dating work

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Dating imperial pocket knives

Examine your knife for a tang stamp, the tiny engraving imprinted into some fine utensils.

All Queen knives manufactured from 1922 until about 1960 have a tang stamp. Take several photos of your knife that show the detail of the markings on either side. Risner Cutlery has taken possession of the Shatt and Morgan Cutlery name. Cumberland Knife Works is also one of the major distributors.

This knife, after carrying and using for the past few months…..still only needed a strop to hone the edge into razor sharpness!! I did ok, but it was not my job as this beast was soooooo tight.

Oh, you know I looooooooooooooooooooooove a razor edge!! Anyhow, I was able to carry it a number of times and use it on most any task.

Usually within a days use and carrying a knife can be reviewed, but I like to go longer and actually EDC the knife in review, to see how it holds up to light abuse.

To find out the year of manufacture of your Buck knife, compare the symbol on your blade to the chart below. Platts & Sons Cutlery Company in nearby Gowanda, New York, which in 1887 moved to new and larger facilities in Eldred. Production knives from 1973 to 1985 bear a model number as well as the BUCK and the U. However popular name brands and designs are in demand by the public, and as Mark Twain once said, "Reports of my Demise are Greatly Exaggerated".Thanks to Taylor Brands LLC, which purchased the intellectual property rights to all of the Old Timer, Schrade, and Uncle Henry Knives, these great classics live again.

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Practically every department of the Cattaraugus factory now had a Platts family member at work and the result would be near inevitable, they decided to start their own cutlery business.