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” There are limited opportunities to meet members of the opposite sex in most Arab societies. Most church groups separate the sexes even at university age.

There are no mixed singles groups, and in more conservative areas a girl and boy are not even supposed to stand alone together after church.

The earlier you can cement that bond as a couple, the better your connection will be.

If you’re a Muslim single and want to date within your faith but don’t know where to look — you’ve come to the right place.

To address this issue, SAT-7 ARABIC’s program , recently produced a special episode dedicated to exploring the topic of love and dating in the MENA.

Producer Maggie Morgan says: “In the Middle East, there is no dating. But in reality, what happens is that people date anyway behind the backs of the families and institutions – they mix and interact and get married because they know each other.” “They are not encouraged to mix at all,” Maggie explains.

Although it is possible to end an engagement, Maggie points out, there is a lot of stigmas attached to this for the girl.

“The show was very clear at the beginning, that we were not talking about premarital sex,” Maggie says.

He felt having healthy, non-sexual friendships would give his children the ability to make a good choice at the right time.

He felt if young people brought a boy or girl home it would be a great way for parents to get to know them and give advice.

To start off our list, we’ve put together the top six dating websites for Muslims.

The following dating networks are full of faithful individuals seeking friendship, love, and marriage.

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We’ve put together the 10 best Muslim dating websites for singles.