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Dating marriage friends juwish  site

The traditional account is that traders of Judea arrived at Cranganore, an ancient port near Cochin in 562 BCE, and that more Jews came as exiles from Israel in the year 70 CE, after the destruction of the Second Temple.Many of these Jews' ancestors passed on the account that they settled in India when the Hebrew King Solomon was in power.

In fact, there are also those adherents of Jesus Christ who accepted Christianity over Judaism, since they believed that the Messiah they were waiting for had arrived in the form of Jesus Christ.

This was a time that teak wood, ivory, spices, monkeys, and peacocks were popular in trade in Cochin.

There is no specific date or reason mentioned as to why they arrived in India, but Hebrew scholars date it to up to around the early Middle Ages.

The date of these plates, known as "Sâsanam", Joseph Rabban by Bhaskara Ravi Varma, the fourth ruler of Maliban granted the copper plates to the Jews.

The plates were inscribed with a message stating that the village of Anjuvannam belonged to the Jews and that they were the rightful lords of Anjuvannam and it should remain theirs and be passed on to their Jewish descendants "so long as the world and moon exist".

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The differences between the Judaism and Christianity religion are concepts about God, views of Jesus Christ, free will and original sin, death, heaven and hell.