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Before meeting a perfect stranger, I had wished that I could have asked a friend: What’s he like?

“ The interesting thing about Claudia is that she knows so many different people.

Yet she is not someone who boasts about her network, she is very discreet at what she does and makes sure that the relationships she creates are high in quality.

Always accessible, astute and energetic, Claudia is both extremely generous and extremely business-like at the same time.

Depends on what you lool for I guess(34, m) I used tinder for almost 2 years here in Luxembourg, before finding someone worthy to take me out of the app.

My main reason for the past failures is mainly the language.

I guess it's normal to have difficulties when we didn't grew up here, we don't really have the "friends and other people we got to know in school" and outside of that not everyone is outgoing and makes friends easily by themselves with complete strangers in a bar or whatever.I speak English only, so that's a reason why a lot of matches don't even talk back.Also, if you go out on a date and you can't find common ground, because the other person speaks low level English and can't express herself properly, it sucks. Time will tell tough, and most people find their mate through their job and hobbies.Aside from the smaller number, I think it's the same as everywhere else.I've had a few dates over the years, there are decent people out there.

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Now, the most I can expect from tinder is yet another dick pic. I usually send a picture of a fork back, but it's not even...seriously I try to laugh it off, but do guys really, really ever get any positive replies to that? What even goes on in such a man's head to be like, heyyy good idea! I don't wanna run into tinder dickpic ppl in the supermarket. I've met there thousands of different kind of people. Since it's a small country, you have more chances to meet someone via your friends. Sometimes his friends would introduce him to someone, or he meet someone at a party.(26,f) I was born here in Luxembourg and ever since I started going out, I’ve always met people through friends.

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