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May: What No One Told Me About Marriage June: Body Image & Beauty July: Let's Talk About Sex Some More August: From The Men: What They Want, Need & Love September: Making The Most Of Being Single October: Dating: Mistakes I Made November: Pornography December: What I Learned In 2011 January: Emotions: What Do I Do With Them?The issues in dating were heightened in marriage.” All the guys I’d dated flashed through my mind.Follow Good Women Project on Twitter: @goodwomenproj Be a fan on Facebook: Subscribe to our email newsletter for insider updates here or subscribe to the blog here.Everyone on our team is volunteer, and we are funded 100% by you.Ever since the duo began dating in 2008, Krasinski and Blunt have proved time and time again that they're far from your typical Hollywood pair.They've practically evaded any scandalous cheating rumors and other tabloid fodder to be gawked at in checkout lines.No matter how hard I prayed and begged and talked about my faith – nothing changed.

This isn’t a positive image being portrayed by he or his wife.Comedian and born-again Christian Steve Harvey can’t be serious about his new-found religion if he let his wife, Marjorie Harvey, who was married to two big-time drug dealers, walk out of the house in a revealing outfit like this to the Hoodie Awards.Leave that nasty-ass stuff to Shirley Strawberry, Lady Gaga and J-Lo.So during long periods of waiting and moments of weakness, I would twist God’s will into allowing me to date nonbelievers, alcoholics, drug dealers…Do you have a hard time trusting God with your future husband?

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And all the wasted years I’ve spent trying to CHANGE men to be who I wanted them to be.

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