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Based on the famous Five-Factor Model, our questionnaire has been carefully designed to get a high-definition snapshot of your personality traits.

As well as getting an idea of who you are as a person, the test is also where you tell us about the ideal sort of person you’re looking to meet.

Our assuredness stems from close to a decade in the online dating business.

It’s also backed by our sophisticated approach to matchmaking, a system that combines the latest technologies with psychological insights.

Over the last few decades, online dating – as a service and an industry – has completely blown up.

We’ve come a long way from the times when internet chatrooms were the bread and butter of web-based dating.

Nonetheless, age-dissimilar relationships where the woman is the older party have become much more common of late.

No doubt this has something to do with the numerous older-woman-younger-many couples to hit the tabloids (think Moore-Kutcher here).

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This, in turn, means that there’s an abundance of choice when it comes to picking the right dating site to suit your needs.

It also means that dating websites have become much more niche.

And 48,000 single British women are actively seeking men with a failed marriage behind them." While the image of the puma as a single woman interested in an older, experienced and possibly divorced man seems to be growing in the UK, there is no evidence that this new meaning is embraced or even recognized in the U. Yet, the picture of a young, nubile woman dating a seasoned man is far from uncommon.

Society continues to put labels on what women desire, whether referring to older or younger partners.

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