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The condition of the bones indicates that all of them had been malnourished.

For more, go to "Discovering Terror." report, Francisco Garrido and Catalina Morales of Chile’s National Museum of Natural History suggest the conquerors of the expanding Inca Empire may have displayed human heads at the remote village of Iglesia Colorada as part of an ideological effort to quell social unrest among resistant villagers.Charcoal and bone samples from the site's oldest layers associated with human artifacts have been radiocarbon dated to between 16,560 and 15,280 years ago.The evidence, Davis suggested, indicates that people were living in western Idaho some 1,000 years before melting ice created a corridor through what is now the western United States.Some of the well-preserved remains still have skin and hair, and some of the children were wearing silver earrings at the time of death.To read about funerary idols found in an elite Chimú tomb, go to "Artifact." report, researchers led by Loren Davis of Oregon State University have unearthed stone tools, the butchered remains of an extinct horse, and a hearth or fire pit at the Cooper’s Ferry site, which is situated at the junction of Rock Creek and the lower Salmon River in western Idaho.

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For more on Iron Age India, go to "Double Vision." reports that the base of a large hexagonal tower measuring about 50 feet long and 40 feet wide with six-foot-thick walls has been uncovered at the site of Rusokastro Fortress in southeastern Bulgaria.

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