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Datingnexus com

I asked him if we could see each other once every four weeks (because I know he is busy), but he doesn’t want that. Your officer-friend is telling you exactly where he stands. If it doesn’t work for you, you should find someone else.” If he was more into you, he would probably beat a path to your door, no matter the distance. You are saying, “But this doesn’t work for me.” Boom. Dear Amy: I agreed to be the maid of honor at a friend’s wedding — six months from now. The bride admitted to a mutual friend that she knows she’s the groom’s rebound girl and is only marrying him because he asked.

While we talk on the phone daily, he only wants to see me once every six or seven weeks. I feel like he has more fun being alone rather than being with me. Both professions seem to draw plucky, hardworking people who are drawn toward service, and can tolerate challenging shift work.

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I’m to the point now where I want to drop out of the wedding party, but I have already paid for my trip. Your boyfriend could easily stop the messaging, so it seems that the two of you might be enjoying it (on some level).

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