Evangelion dating sim cheats

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Evangelion dating sim cheats

To have a successful date you will need to raise the Mood to 6/6 and kiss the character.Talk to, give gifts they like, and take a photo with them to raise the Mood to be full in order to kiss. almostimmortalbutstillnot = max HP 9999 for the win! (That’s 9 ‘oh’s and one ‘o’ at the end) needextrabackpacknow = max items highspeedrebornbaby = minimum sin dokidokinotpatient = skip to final day friendzonedcrybaby = max relationship with Sergio girlsphobiabatter = max relationship with Vittorio youngsmartandsingle = max relationship with Nikolai obsessedwithriku = max relationship with Cleon aishiterugreenikemen = max relationship with Keagan myfavouriteexorcist = max relationship with Ignacio machomuscularracer = max relationship with Ray fallenhandsomeangel = max relationship with Angelo That. " yell cydney As cydney ran to the door she trip and got a cut from her xbox one controler "Ouch!

Make sure you talk to the girl you want everyday to cease being stranger, and become her friend (or maybe more than that~)You also have to select "ASK" after selecting a girl, in order to advance the relationship.You will find a wallet and you be able to enter the Summers Mansion where Ace lives. Each character has a "good" ending that can be earned when you complete their dialogue path.To do this, keep talking to them and answering successfully until a message that reads "You have finished (Character's name)'s path!Rejecting them will end the game without a happy ending with them.It is possible to get an ending where you don't live happily ever after with any of the characters.

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Once you have enough successful dialogues with the character, a message letting you know that you can now go on dates with the character will appear.

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