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Houstot mature chat

Roll From the July 1 93 1 Hodge Podge ■ in January 1933 Blue Moon. And naught of satisfac umum »88I944 At every turn, ^ome frier state,. And so, when you would enter on Some field of high endeavor. The ditiactic style— posing as an instructor— may be justly criticized, but I can only work in mv own har- ness. And, how their hearts were set upon His death and degradation. Before, success, or else defe: Would greet decided actid^MI Behind, was cowardly ri . for inspiring New Year reso- lutions and improvement. The remarks do not ap- ply to general discussion of public problems, but to narrow, personal, domestic, and neighborhood gossip, disputes and quarrels. The question has come up as %o jutt what a waffle really i». Under nearly every mile of railroad track lie more than 3,000 wood cross ties. The ones I had wronged, looked at me as if saying like Dooley, -'There ye air." What was! The papers wrote glowing accounts of him as a poor poet, etc. Several friends and myself had just had a mighty hard job to get "relief" for an ex-soldier who was ill, broke and alone in New York. Are they the blind Who raze and rend, Seeking to end Beauty and gentle wavs. Jones' "Grandmother" poem, which appeared ANSWERING '" ^""^g^ Po^ge, and later in Cadences, has been re-pub- ( Faith Vilas's question entitled "Assembled" in Oct. The war is a power- ful contributoi-y cause — it is the spark which sets off an explosive mixture. TAYLOR (Sales Manager) ^- f5- BUY -f^ BUY NOW I Vol.5 March-April, 1931 No e-7 cc -5i- O- WHAT'S A WAFFLE? irl up in O^hkosh says any- one onirht to kn-'W that it's just a panrake with dimples. a waffle has it's finf po nt* and a pancake is a coo.- _.plete flop. Skinny.-How's Abel Bass get- I ing on with that school teacher be's.callinsr on now? every time he goes to see her she keeps him an hour longer for being naughty. Now, he's trying to get rid of them by paying his bills the same way . Lodger :-I just wanted to say that I think you get too much mile- a'^e out of this roller towel. -^ The old Washington home- stead at Mount Vernon stands today as proof of the durability of wood. Since 1909 the United States has ceased to be self-supporting in newsprint'paper. This is no parable, nor creation of a novelist, but a true ta! I made a mistake and tried to throw the blame onto others, and I wa.s found out of course. He had appeared at a Home Relief Station, with several pickets, and had demanded "relief." Luckily, so it seems, the newspaper photographers were there also, at just the right time. Max was placed upon the dole and the kind government was all set to finance him while he wrote his next filthy book. Editor A MONTHLY DEVOTED TO THE INTERESTS OF THE HODGE PODGE GROUP 4l n Vol. 3 Copyright 1935 by Marion Blodgett — Published at 100 W. To what do they aspire When they at last as- semble Stature and voice of men? f] if QZl I' (r-- 4^1 l27 ^^ Hudco Amateur Oificial Organ of Hudson County Amateur Press Club Vol. In all the discussions on how to solve this sei-ious problem, only slight emphasis is placed on what is actually the basic cause.

Under the influence of their new belief these savages take on civ- ilization, become the ruling nations of the world, and, by the inspira- tion of the fact of the resurrection, assume the leadership of the race. .\ little band of terror-stricken dis- ciples, under the inspiration of their belief in the resurectinn, come from their hiding places and begin a cam- paign that shakes all Judaism.

A poem of hers was sung at the service of her church at Farming- ton, Maine. The original fear that children of one faith might be weaned over to another has resulted in children who have no faith at all. It is not to be wondered at then that they do not easily distin- guish between right and vn-ong.

Easter Sunday was a red-letter day, also, in the hfe of another Hodge Podger, Carolyn Mc Cully. So- called enlightened society has banished the teaching of religion from our pub- lic school system pretty extensively.

THE CUSTOMERS' MAN There •A'as a young lady, Marie, Who hailed from the town of Capri; She took a big flier In stocks soaring higher "" And all she has left now is me I John B. Great inspiration comes to us, A muted, atavistic cry. The members of the circle, besides the founder, are: Jack Sellers, Boris Todrin, Ruth Rappa- port, Ruth Schmerler, Jane O'Ryan, Vincente G. The little crickets Sing their night song And the white lilies Perfume the shadows. Across the fields blowing; No sower counts me In with his sowing. Roll, originally published in fuly 1931 Hodge Podge. Nurtured on the belief in the res- surrection, sons of the church fling themselves into wildernesses among savage tribes, converting them to the faith and baptizing them as the sign of their belief in the ressurec- tion. He knew they did not comprehend At all the situation, He sought to win, and then extend A later explanation. This body is going to furnish very handsome brass name plates on which is stamped the skyline of the city and which will hold the blue and gold conven- tion ribbons of the delegates.

And from this golden chalice held Aloft in morning in the sky. 1933 THE RAVENS The Raven Poetry Circle was founded by Francis Lambert Mc Crudden, one of the best known poets living in Greenwich Village. With hues no mortal brush can ever match, Spallbound they watch the ethereal wonderland, its blending purples, golds, and hyacinths; Watch till the last faint glowing colors fade. Francis Lambert Mc Crudden * * * * SONG When the tall grasses Sway in the moonlight And the leaves whisper Among themselves. As ever shipped to sail the seven seas; They handed me a cutlass and I slew From old Cape Horn to the New Hebrides. It is an interpretation for violin and piano of "God is Real," a Rondeau by John B. L'|i On this belief in the resurrec- tion, a world-wide organization of devout belii'vers, called the Church, comes into e.xistence aiid develops such stren;4th that it is able to sur- vive the collaps S'l^tlie Rbman em- pire, and tower amidst the wreckage like a mountain on a plain. Herring TOO MANY of us, live most of our lives between Black Friday night and Easter Sunday morning. The Roman Senators had tried His glories to diminish, They'd called him back, but he re- plied By fighting to a finish. A very successful interview was held with the Oakland Chamber of Commerce.

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Nijrtured on the belief in the res- surrection, sons of the church fling themselves into wildernesses among savage tribes, converting them to the faith and baptizing them as the sign of their belief in the ressurec- tion. No other single event of all history has had such far-reaching effects upon the progress of the race.