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Is nicole richie dating nzimiro

Sometimes you don't want to confuse them, sometimes you don't want to overdo your garments, so I think fabric and detailing for me was one of the things that I definitely learned and I think I'm going to apply that in the show, for sure." Kara: "Good point! And in addition, I think the best part of this show is having to execute your vision and you have your team with you.Before, you're a little unsure of yourself and as the show progressed - I pretty much know who I am and what I want and I think that was the best part, gaining that confidence.Looking back at the show I thought it was Saks, but it wasn't - I think it was H&M and Macy's for me, only because I was trying to be this unique and I don't want to say different, but kind of bring this flair of uniqueness to my designs.I knew that my competition was going to be the H&M and the Macy's - the other designers in Macy's. ' There are 100 designers in Macy's and H&M is so cutting edge and trendy, so how can I be different?There were a couple of pieces that weren't finished, like the buttons that I didn't put on, but outside of that I think it was an awesome jacket. Maybe I'll put a little color in the collar next time!" And Kara, how did you find having a little more sex appeal with your dresses last week?But I have to tell you that it was so exciting as I watched all of my competitors' garments sell out at both Macy's and H&M, so as I was watching the competition unfold I just thought there's nothing like that excitement of pieces selling out within 24 hours of customers seeing them on TV.

So for me that dress was very sexy - I mean, I was showing some back and showing a little in the front, it was even a little shorter than normal things I would do. And it wasn't all that hard - I mean, I love the dress and it's still very me.

I think I was trying to be a little bit different and trying to do as much as I can but that wasn't the case in this competition.

In episode four or five I almost went home, so it was kind of for me to think back and tone it down a little bit, because they gave me that advice, 'Try not to be a showman, try not to do too much'.

So I think we're all grateful with everything the show has done for us." There must be so much pressure going into the finale - did you have any nightmare moments in the days leading up to it?

Nzimiro: "Every week was a nightmare moment for us!

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