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Leo and Capricorn will have powerful emotions for each other, but sometimes show their affection in different ways, with their timing and mutual understanding for personal boundaries off.They have a similar view on their soft sides though, for both of these signs tend to show strength rather than weakness of the heart.While both of these signs can be very interested in new sexual experiences, ready to experiment or try out things they haven’t tried before, they will often see each other as a threat of some kind, rather than someone they trust to experiment with.This can make their physical reality quite uncreative and even boring if they don’t approach each other with enough width, subtlety and positivity.To remain emotionally unscathed by this relationship, both signs will have some major adjustments to make.LEO-CAPRICORN SEXUAL COMPATIBILITY Sexually, Leo and Capricorn may be somewhat mis-matched initially.

This is a combination of signs that speaks of an archetypal conflict between a father and his son, making masculine sides to these partners collide and their best chance lies in the balance between the feminine.

With both of them reaching for position and status, but moving towards it in very different ways, they could realize that their own approach needs some improving in order to work out.

As if this was the sole purpose of their bond, they will learn that responsibility and fame go well together, making each other see that a solid plan is as worthy as strength of will needed to make it work.

While Leo goes into a major sulk if it doesn’t get a big round of applause for all of (including its most minor) achievements, Capricorn neither needs, nor wants, constant praise and flattery and is also notoriously mean in dishing it out to others.

Leo’s strongly developed personal pride can be easily wounded by what it perceives as the Goats’ lack of appreciation and emotional back-up.

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However, there are also some troublesome emotional differences between them, the Fire sign’s flamboyant, dramatic temperament clashing with the Earth sign’s much cooler and more dignified emotional style.