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Liberated chat room

Many Wookiees were forced to live and work in Imperial work settlements including Camp Sardo.

Imperial territory G5-623 became an isolated but self-sufficient Imperial remnant under Grand Moff Tolruck which propagated the belief that Emperor Palpatine had not perished aboard the second Death Star.

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Wookiees were also forced to breed by their Imperial captors in order to produce a large labor force.

While their hyperdrive was hit, the rebels were rescued by two New Republic warships commanded by Commodore Kyrsta Agate.

Commandant Agate's Alderaanian escort frigate Sunspire and Starhawk-class battleship Concord decimated the Imperial forces and rescued Norra and Wedge.

However, this information turned out to be a ploy by the Empire to trap Han and Chewbacca, who were two prominent members of the Rebellion. Two months after embarking on campaign to liberate Kashyyyk, Han Solo tried searching the Outer Rim for his companion.

While corresponding with his wife Leia Organa via hologram, Han came under attack.

Large numbers of Wookiees were also shipped across the galaxy to work as slave laborers in mines and to build structures such as the Death Stars.

The xenophobic Empire enslaved the Wookiees not because they posed a meaningful threat to the Empire but because their massive, robust physiology allowed them to work long and hard in extreme conditions.

The battle resulted in the liberation of the Wookiees and their homeworld of Kashyyyk.

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