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Linux ntp not updating

You have specified, that in the special case where no other servers can be contacted, to use the local clock as if it were a server.

Well, you have also stated that your local clock is off by 15 minutes. However ntpdate is working ok and had set the clock correctly this is the file: # cat /etc/logfile /var/log/driftfile /var/lib/ntp/drift... But whenever I try and start the service nothing happens at all.

If you use, or plan to use someday, the # authentication facility you should make the programs in the auth_stuff # directory and figure out what this number should be on your machine. If you want to diddle your server at run time, make a # keys file (mode 600 for sure) and define the key number to be # used for making requests. Pick your own, or remote # systems might be able to reset your clock at will.

Note also that # ntpd is started with a -A flag, disabling authentication, that # will have to be removed as well.

# server # local clock fudge stratum 10 # # Drift file.

You can get a list of server addresses at, find the preferred ones for your area, and then add them to the file.Or maybe this box is the only system in your organization.server # local clock fudge stratum 10 This is a NOT great idea in your situation. If you reboot a lot, it has to keep starting from zero. $ more /etc/# Prohibit general access to this service.# restrict mytrustedtimeserverip mask nomodify notrap noquery # server mytrustedtimeserverip # --- NTP MULTICASTCLIENT --- #multicastclient # listen on default # restrict mask notrust nomodify notrap # restrict mask notrust nomodify notrap # --- GENERAL CONFIGURATION --- # # Undisciplined Local Clock.

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NTPD is running ntpq -pcrv -bash-3.2# ntpq -pcrv remote refid st t when poll reach delay offset jitter ============================================================================== dc3.domai 2 u 29 64 377 0.567 -4263.4 10.392 ass ID=0 status=c011 sync_alarm, sync_unspec, 1 event, event_restart, version="ntpd [email protected] Mon Dec 9 UTC 2013 (1)", processor="i686", system="Linux/3.10.23-xxxx-std-ipv6-32", leap=11, stratum=16, precision=-20, rootdelay=0.000, rootdispersion=2356.905, peer=0, refid=INIT, reftime=00000000.00000000 Thu, Feb 7 2036 .000, poll=6, clock=d81ce655.d5ce975b Mon, Nov 24 2014 .835, state=1, offset=0.000, frequency=-0.140, jitter=0.001, noise=0.001, stability=0.000, tai=0 Something looks to be broken in your time setup.

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