Macro for consolidating excel files current interest rate consolidating student loans

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Macro for consolidating excel files

You may be familiar to view multiple webpages in Firefox/Chrome/IE, and switch between them by clicking corresponding tabs easily.

Press F5 key to run the VBA, and a dialog pops out for you to enter the number of the title rows. Tip: (1.) Your data must start from A1, if not, the code will not take effect. (3.) This code only can combine all worksheets of the active workbook, if you want to merge worksheets from multiple workbooks, this code will not work.

Here I introduce Kutools for Excel’s powerful Combine function for you.

If in some cases, you want to merge data with same headers only, and in other cases, you want to merge data and consolidate them, are there any tricks can solve both these tasks?

If you just want to merge the sheets with same headers without any calculations, you can apply the VBA code to solve it. Activate the workbook you want to merge the sheets, press Alt F11 keys to open Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications window. Click Insert Sub Combine() 'Update By Kutools20151029 Dim i As Integer Dim x TCount As Variant Dim x Ws As Worksheet On Error Resume Next LInput: x TCount = Application. into the textbox of Title row number, if there are no title in your range, type 0 into it. Click Finish, and a dialog pops out to remind you save this scenario, if you want to save it, click Yes, or No. Merge excel sheets with same headers Consolidate multiple sheets with same headers File/Folder to add the workbooks you may merge sheets from to the Workbook list;2) Check the workbook name you want to merge the sheets, you can choose multiple workbooks;3) Check the worksheets you want to combine together;4) Click to select the range you want to combine, if the ranges are placed in the same location of each sheet, just need to select one range from a sheet then click Same range.Input Box("The number of title rows", "", "1") If Type Name(x TCount) = "Boolean" Then Exit Sub If Not Is Numeric(x TCount) Then Msg Box "Only can enter number", , "Kutools for Excel" Go To LInput End If Set x Ws = Active Workbook. Then the ranges are consolidated in a new workbook.

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