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NEW only getting SLIGHTLY better each year (Source: Angry Joe (And he means Slightly in the damn review)). , the average Gender Studies Major, and rejected Black Butler character, while playing a shitty version of Candy Crush (As if Candy Crush isn't shitty enough) while listening to bad voice acting at the same time (Just take a listen).I would rather go outside and play Football, and I don't even like Football! From left to Right: Durka Durka Jihad, Discount Jenny Mc Carthy, About To Commit Suicide, Who is this bitch, Helium, Legbeard, SSHHHHEEEEIIIITTT!!!!

You feel like Scorpion fighting Olaf the Snowman, or Paul Phoenix from Tekken fighting Winnie the Pooh, or Cloud Strife fighting Barney the Dinosaur. Well, in the remake, the metroids are tougher, in that they are impervious to damage, except that one sweet, green spot underneath, but to hit that with a missile, you have to use strategy. Okay, the only flaw with this game is that it's not complete yet.However, the Metroids get smarter as they evolve, and you have to adapt quickly, and that increases tension. But, because the game is much more vast than Metroid Zero Mission and almost as big as Super Metroid, you can put a marker on the map, and it even shows the arrow on your minimap. Press B on your control pad (I use a PS3 controller, so it's O. Man, I could just play it from start to...wait, end? Fine, maybe it's not a real complaint, but I do have some suggestions, such as Controller presets, modding, image galleries for concept art and stuff, and finally, the option for playing the original Metroid II for science.I would say that Zetas are harder than Chris Chan's nipples on a cold, rainy day, but I have a feeling that Omegas and Queen Metroids will kick your ass harder. Learning how to set that up, that is something separate from this) and you see icons, like settings at the bottom, Samus' Equipment, and a Logbook. So this demo is actually more complete than the majority of games being released these days.For example, what you could do is use the Spider Ball to climb out of the pit you just entered like this, or if you're as edgy as I am, you could tell that Spider Ball to go fuck itself and do this!This is the sequence breaking that was missing in the Prime and Fusion games.

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Controllers are not a nice to have in this game, YOU NEED ONE, OR THIS GAME WILL MAKE YOU IT'S BITCH IF YOU USE KEYS ON YOUR KEYBOARD!!! There's lava flooding the areas you can't go in yet.

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