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We go to different Sunday School classes and Relief Societies, and somehow, have been in the same ward for over a year, and had no idea.

We have honestly never seen each other in there before.

In my current ward we have about 400 people attending on an average Sunday. All of this goes against the teachings of The Rules. I’ve read “The Rules” (both the original and updated) a few times. I’ve broken every single one of The Rules at times. The women feel like they have no choice but to be proactive, invite the guys over, flaunt what they got, and make sure they are noticed and remembered.Curtis Ten Keys to Successful Dating and Marriage Relationships – Hugh. W Pinnock Hanging Out, Hooking Up, and Celestial Marriage – Bruce A.

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We will thank you forever for the service you provide." Patience by Antone Roundy To choose a topic to address in a sacrament meeting talk a few years ago, I went to the chapter of Preach My Gospel that talks about developing Christ-like attributes. “I’ll Go Where You Want Me to Go” by Antone Roundy A little over seven years ago, my wife and I were living with two young children in Orem, Utah.

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