Motorola defy baseband switcher error after updating

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Motorola defy baseband switcher error after updating

This will not take away any features added by the official carrier update nor does it require a jailbreak, however, we have made it user friendly for both jailbroken and non-jailbroken users. Unarchive the files and copy the file name “overrides_N41_N42.pri” then navigate to var/mobile/Library/Carrier Bundles/TMobile_US.bundle and paste it into the folder replacing the original file.If you have any issues, please tell Joe at This hack enables Release 9 DC-HSPA on the i Phone 5.Be sure to send these guys some love on Twitter or in the comments below for their help and hard work in making sure this was something all AT&T unlocked i Phone 5 T-Mobile customers can enjoy.Since many unlocked i Phone 5 users report weakened signal on the refarmed 4G HSPA and many i Phone users (unlocked or official T-Mobile versions) report slower data speeds, I have spent many hours for many days doing research on what could be done to fix the issue.

App Data: It is a good idea to back up your app data (such as settings for each app, saved games, etc) before flashing a rom as this process usually requires a full wipe of your phone, so backing up app data ensures you can restore your apps to the way they were, after a wipe. To backup all apps at once, click the menu key Backup all user apps system data Now you are free to upload new roms / factory reset your phone, with all your apps and app data safe on your SD card. Tap Select all and App Data then tap Run the batch operation. (Note that the version number of clockworkmod in the image is different but the menu is the same). In the future if you need to restore your phone, use this same app and menu, and go to backup and restore restore and select the name of the nandroid backup you had created. This time, when the phone is turning back on, press the volume down button when the LED turns blue 6. Navigate to Recovery using the volume keys and press the power button to select it. The process may take several minutes and the resulting file will be a few hundred mb, depending on how much crap you have on your phone .If you encounter any issues the official carrier update is available below and you can go right back as if nothing had ever happened.As a quick note to go along with this as @joe012594 is the very some person who provided the list of instructions for jailbroken users to enable LTE on their jailbroken i Phone 5 smartphones at the end of March.

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This hack also includes a fix to any and all i Phone 5 users who have experienced degraded/weakened signal over the past couple of months on the PCS and/or AWS bands, though a lot of this could be due to the eminent release of LTE in many upcoming markets as this is normal. It set the band preference for HSPA , even if your i Phone 5 doesn’t support it, to AWS which can cause conflictions and problems for the devices that don’t support that band.

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