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Naked speed dating

After the first three rounds were over, during the last rest period, the men randomly left their chambers and mingled with the ladies in the reception area.This allowed us time to ponder our dating experiences before making our choices for the next, final, touching round.After the maids and groomsmen collected all the selections, we had some time to refresh ourselves before the results were announced. We both picked him for our first date and we both laughed out loud at our good taste. She nodded her head agreeing somewhat, she had chosen number twelve, then, number one as her third choice. I smiled at her then gave her a quick hug, "Thank you for bringing me here" I whispered in her ear.I asked my friend who she wanted her last date with. A stunned look of shock crossed my face and I suddenly burst out in laughter. She held my embrace a bit longer then kissed my cheek "I'm glad you could come sweetie." The host and hostess circulated amongst the men and I notice some of them headed back into the chambers, while some men remained in the reception area.As the banana smeared my fluids with long strokes for his display, I was just about to plunge that thing into me, when number Nine snatched that fruit from me and began licking it quickly, lapping my scent. It was all too confusing after round three was completed.

I loved the way he controlled his arousal by politely stroking his cock and balls appropriately when needed to, over sustained long periods of arousal.

The host and hostess finally arrived to us and told my friend, number ten, not one of her selections matched this evening.

Although her voice was gentle and spoken as soothingly possible, its impact did not soften the blow.

My sex had always been so aroused with number fourteen.

More than any of the other men he left me wanting to know more about him.

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I liked the way his eyes were focused on the end of that phallic as it dipped into the horny juices that saturated it.