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System Works was discontinued in 2009, allowing Norton Utilities to return as Symantec's main utility suite.The Mac edition, lasting only three versions, was discontinued in 2004 to allow Symantec to concentrate its efforts solely on Internet security products for the Mac. It includes Norton Anti Virus Scanner, Norton File Manager (based on Norton Navigator), UNC browser, Norton Fast Find, Norton Zip/Unzip, Norton Folder Synchronization, Folder Compare, Norton System Doctor, System Information, Norton Control Center.NOTE: We assume that your PC is connected to the internet and you haven’t blocked Kaspersky in any way.

In short, if you charge your notebook’s battery when your notebook is turned off and always use the notebook on battery power, this could be the core reason why Kaspersky isn’t updating the database automatically.

We 100% Guarantee the safety of this installation program.

It’s one of the best, if not the best, security application developers for the Windows operating system.

System Works, which was introduced in 1998 has since inspired a host of competitors such as iolo System Mechanic, Mc Afee Nuts And Bolts, Badosoft First Aid and many others.

Norton System Works for Windows was initially offered alongside Norton Utilities until it replaced it as Symantec's flagship (and only) utility software in 2003.

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  1. You have the most recent Norton Antivirus (2002 or 2003) program installed on your computer and have Live Update (the program that keeps the virus signatures it uses to scan and detect nasties up to date) switched on. It's all automatic and you can put your feet up and relax ... There are some known issues where Live Update isn't updating properly ad the real nasty part of this is that nothing tells you that it's not working - other than the occasional reminder from Norton Antivirus. One thing you must do is check the Norton Antivirus program regularly to see if all is well.