Numb3rs charlie and amita start dating

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Numb3rs charlie and amita start dating

on Friday September 22, 2006, and ended on May 18, 2007.

Charlie and Amita intensify their relationship, as do Larry and Megan, especially after her kidnapping.

As this season starts, Colby Granger escapes from jail, and is revealed to be a triple agent. Don and Liz break up halfway through this season, after Liz has trouble with Don's trust issues. J., Megan is conflicted with her work, and turns to Larry for help.Charlie sees Don's therapist and the two understand one another more.Despite Don's concerns, Alan engages in some FBI consulting with his knowledge of engineering, and Larry returns from the space station, although disillusioned.Alan suddenly finds himself coaching Cal Sci's basketball team. DARPA tries to recruit Charlie, but he turns down their offer.Toward the end of the season, Don is stabbed, and Charlie blames himself for it.

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