Old fashioned wooing dating

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Old fashioned wooing dating

All things considered, this is a nice movie that I would recommend for those who like romance films.

Considering the screen time, the plot would be stronger if it had more events, but the movie can probably keep audiences engaged due to Amber’s and Clay’s interactions.

The story includes a couple attempts at seduction, but they are thwarted.

Two secondary characters live together before marriage and have a child.

and all of us are prone to not pay close enough attention at the start of a wide variety of things. Today though, I think the consequences of being careless are rapidly becoming greater than they may have been in the recent past.

With a lot of common moral ground quickly eroding and the explosion of the hook-up culture and even the debate over sexual mores within many Christian churches…

The characters of Clay and Amber are somewhat lacking in depth, but their initially-stereotypical personalities do round out some by the end.

The only negative elements for me are the movie’s occasional, exaggerated attempts to look “relevant.” In contrast to Clay’s extremely conservative lifestyle, other people in the town exhibit “cool” attitudes to a degree that I found annoying.

One scene shows Amber in a bathtub, although you only see her head and the top of her shoulders.

From a Biblical perspective, this movie evokes the message of Romans 14, which is about respecting the convictions of other people’s consciences by not judging them for their cautiousness, and not engaging in offending activities in front of them that could entice them to deny their convictions.

Drunk Customer in Liquor Store / Bar Patron Eric Frank … The big question is whether the differences between them are wide enough to stop the courtship from leading to marriage.

And this causes some genuine tension and serious misunderstandings between them.

By the end of the film, both of them do indeed end up at a place with God, individually, that has them in a much better position to pursue something romantically, together.

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