Other terms for speed dating a dating guide for men

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Other terms for speed dating

Then you put all of that together into a computer and group people together based on similar knowledge bases (see figure 2).You can also build a network of which of your participants have worked together in the past (see figure 3).We ended the sessions after 15 minutes sharp by ringing a bell, because scientists have this tendency to get carried away when talking about their work! What happens if there is only one-way interest in the collaboration (yikes)?As Jonathan talked about, we had a total of 10 'dates', split into two sets of five, using very different rules. As I’ve shown though, it gets really complicated really fast if you start inviting a lot of people, so keep it to the smaller events.

Through complicated maths you can put together a graph of the favourability of different pairings and solve it to give the best combination of dates. Many new conversations were started at the conference and it really helped open everyone up and get them involved in the presentations and discussions even for sessions that they wouldn’t normally be interested in. This is what happens when science gets applied to conference organising; A bunch of crazy diagrams and enforced socialising, something that should definitely be tried more often.

Co-authorship network has a long delay to in depth scientific discussion, thus we sent a survey to participants to build their network. Overall, we were very satisfied with how the meeting went.

Every scientist loves talking about their work, so once you get them to sit down and to start talking to each other, they always have a great time.

People were also paired up based on the things that they knew, meaning that partners had little or no common academic knowledge and so would have lots to tell each other about. Delegates had said what they know and what they wanted to know, now was the time to match these up.

The idea being that partners could talk to each other about skills and techniques that they were interested in learning about for their future work and that may build useful collaborations.

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