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uses the JVM's timezone so it uses UTC on the server, which is what I want.On my client side, I am in another timezone ("Europe/Amsterdam"), so I try to display dates in that timezone.Write Line() Dim culture Names() As String = Dim date Strings() As String = ' Iterate each culture name in the array.For Each culture Name As String In culture Names Dim culture As Culture Info = New Culture Info(culture Name) ' Parse each date using the designated culture. Write Line() Next End Sub End Module ' The example displays the following output: ' Date String Culture Result ' ' 01/02/09 en-US 2009-Jan-02 ' 2009/02/03 en-US 2009-Feb-03 ' 01/2009/03 en-US 2009-Jan-03 ' 01/02/2009 en-US 2009-Jan-02 ' 21/02/09 en-US Format Exception ' 01/22/09 en-US 2009-Jan-22 ' 01/02/23 en-US 2023-Jan-02 ' ' 01/02/09 ru-RU 2009-Feb-01 ' 2009/02/03 ru-RU 2009-Feb-03 ' 01/2009/03 ru-RU 2009-Jan-03 ' 01/02/2009 ru-RU 2009-Feb-01 ' 21/02/09 ru-RU 2009-Feb-21 ' 01/22/09 ru-RU Format Exception ' 01/02/23 ru-RU 2023-Feb-01 ' ' 01/02/09 ja-JP 2001-Feb-09 ' 2009/02/03 ja-JP 2009-Feb-03 ' 01/2009/03 ja-JP 2009-Jan-03 ' 01/02/2009 ja-JP 2009-Jan-02 ' 21/02/09 ja-JP 2021-Feb-09 ' 01/22/09 ja-JP Format Exception ' 01/02/23 ja-JP 2001-Feb-23 , the Date Time Format Info for the current culture is used.Get Format If format Type Is Get Type(Date Time Format Info) Then Console.Write("(Custom Provider retrieved.) ") Return New Culture Info(culture Name). // ' Tue Apr 28, 2009' converts to 4/28/2009 AM.Write Line(" culture:", culture Name) Dim provider As New Custom Provider(culture Name) For Each obj As Object In objects Try Dim date Value As Date = Convert. Write Line(" -- Conversion Not Supported", obj) End Try Next Console.Write Line() Next End Sub End Module Public Class Custom Provider : Implements IFormat Provider Private culture Name As String Public Sub New(culture Name As String) Me.culture Name = culture Name End Sub Public Function Get Format(format Type As Type) As Object _ Implements IFormat Provider.

I should be 2, but it is just the same date and time...

Dim obj As Object = Nothing Convert To Date Time(obj) ' Convert a non-date string.

Dim non Date String As String = "monthly" Convert To Date Time(non Date String) ' Try to convert various dates.

Module Conversion To Date Time Public Sub Main() Dim date String As String = Nothing ' Convert a null string.

Convert To Date Time(date String) ' Convert an empty string. Empty Convert To Date Time(date String) ' Convert a non-date string.

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' '2009-05-01T.9843750-' converts to 5/1/2009 AM. If you prefer not to handle an exception if the conversion fails, you can call the Date Time. It returns a Boolean value that indicates whether the conversion succeeded or failed. Globalization Module Example Public Sub Main( ) Console.