Pilot dating software

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Pilot dating software

In this screenshot, you can see the name of the lock and its location at the top of the screen. The dot in the first column indicates that a user's i Button will operate a lock. Just click the empty space next to their name to make the dot appear and transfer the change to the lock. Just click the dot to remove it and transfer the changes.

Some screenshots: The software's main screen (above) lists users down the left side and the locks on the right.

Below is a sample: This audit trail, from a lock called "HR Storeroom," shows the times an i Button was tapped to the lock on August 11, 2009.

According to the first line, Sheree Womack tapped her i Button to the lock at a.m., the lock unlocked and then re-locked itself. Six seconds later, Doug Marsh tapped his i Button to the lock.

Import data from our library of popular aircraft, or input data into Garmin Pilot, and share with fellow pilots.

Sync the weight and balance with your active flight plan, store favorites, and email load sheets for your records.

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Animated radar, infrared and visible satellite imagery are available for the U. The exclusive Nav Track feature lets you preview how changing weather conditions might alter your flight.

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