Proof that online dating works

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Proof that online dating works

If you just go to the bar and stand around drinking beer for an hour – like most guys do – then, you just look like yet another beer drinking average dude.

And no woman will even notice you (unless you happen to look like Brad Pitt). I’ll share one of my best techniques with you right now…

Anyhow, how do you get social proof in a nightclub? I’ve used this technique myself and it’s just so easy to get talking to women when you already have an attractive girl on your arm.Hence, it is society giving us proof of a decision.This concept was made famous by Robert Cialdini's book Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion.This is social proof at work, as the laughter is the proof that is influencing a person's decision on whether the show is funny or not. Actually the better question is, how can social proof help me in my online dating?Luckily there are a number of dating gurus who have been testing this concept on a number of social media and online dating websites.

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success – you need a good deal of ‘social proof.’ In this blog post I’m gonna show you why it’s 10X as easy to interact successfully with hot women if you have social proof… It’s also why guys get jealous when they see a guy driving a Ferrari or Lambo – cuz they wish it was them in the driver’s seat. my favorite venue to meet women (for reasons I’ll dig into another time).

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