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Quest chat dating

Another phenomenal flaw that the app tends to have is the fact that despite of being aware of your GPS co-ordinates and despite of specifying your search range to be say a 50 KM radius it still looks potential matches for you in places like Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Dehradun which are scattered across the subcontinent.So it seems the logic the piece of code wanted to deploy is flawed-I am surprised no one in their engineering team took heed of such a serious error that could jeopardize the life of this app which is in its infancy.The UI also does not have decent amount of fluidity and you end up rubbing your fingers hard against the surface to make a button work.Another funny feature they have is the fact that if there be a case where someone who you liked likes your profile too you get a message which if clicked takes you down to an activity screen where you see who liked you back.Look for email from [email protected] reply directly to that email (check your spam filter). Text chat is available in public games for 13 and older.Text chat uses a filter to discourage bad language, but it cannot prevent creative spellings.Phrase chat (canned phrase choices) assures appropriate multiplayer game behavior for all of our players.

It kept on happening every time I’d use the app so I guess they didn’t test it properly over different devices or versions of android(mine was android kitkat 4.4.4).

Its bizarre and its filthy to create such a discreet feature that leaves the user in lurch.

So all the moment of glory and happiness that I might as a single dude experience when I am connected to the first user would eventually fizzle away when I am left at the mercy of an app that puts me in a virtual utopia with several profiles iterating in front of me than helping me connect with the one that is relevant to me.

Another thing that I noticed was the fact that not enough customer validation has been done before creating the app.

Sadly it does not reflect the behavioral patterns of Gen Y to say the least.

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So the first thing that I noticed while I opened the app was that they have cleverly disabled the ‘screenshot feature’-good move to stop people from extracting snaps of various women but from a product management perspective sucks as you can’t quite capture the screenshots but again that’s purely my perspective.

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