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Rabbi wallerstein on dating

“One flesh” means that the commitment of marriage is like the commitment one has to his hand.

As one rabbi explained: What is my commitment to my hand? I wouldn't reconsider my commitment to my hand if it were broken, ugly, scarred, or if I met someone with nicer hands.

Furthermore, if the divorce is not performed properly, there is a danger to future generations: If a child is born to a mother who is still technically married to someone else, that child may be considered illegitimate (mamzer).

Such a child may be barred from marrying into the broader Jewish community, possibly depriving them of the opportunity to marry the individual of their choice.

For a Jewish couple to become divorced, the man must give the woman a document called a "Get," as prescribed in the Torah (Deut. A Get terminates the Jewish marriage and certifies that the couple is now free to remarry according to Jewish law.A very powerful novel, Yesterday's Child, deals with this issue.As such, attaining a proper Get is an important component of preserving Jewish unity.Although divorce is common in today’s social landscape – prevailing wisdom says that up to half of all marriages will end in divorce – it is still a heartbreaking way to end a marriage.Unlike some religions, however, which do not permit divorce, Judaism recognizes the necessity under certain circumstances.

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This is true to the extent that if a woman were to become “remarried” without having received a proper Get, the second marriage is null and void, and is considered adultery. A Get must be written in a very specific way, and only under the supervision of an expert rabbi who is well-versed in these laws.