Rasta dating

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Rasta dating

So the bottomline is, it might depend on the individuals to decide.

“Wait here,” says Priest Radcliffe, a young Boboshanti Rastafarian and our guide into the camp.

A picture was posted on 18 Karat Reggae facebook page of Sizzla, his son and the mother of his son.

We are not sure if the woman is Sizzla’s wife or just the mother of his child.

The woman in the picture is not a Rasta woman as many would expect as the wife or girlfriend of Sizzla Kalonji.

In fact, the woman is wearing what appears to be fake hair, a weave. Lovely wife kalonji; what I realise most so call rastas and reggae singers who chant and burn the most fyah pon everything ; in reality they don’t practice what they preach.

As we wait to be ‘checked out’, the atmosphere is tense.Below are a few of the comments: Sizzla; who promotes black conscious & natural living, more than King Bob Marley even. Natural hair are trending these days, you think a youth of his caliber would support that: MORE FIRE! In fact, while Bob Marley’s main squeeze and wife Rita Marley is a Rasta, most of the other women he lie with and impregnated were baldheads.Judging from the comments, it sounds like the disappointment was not so much in Sizzla being with a woman with fake hair, it was more about what some deem as a hypocrisy in his music.Sizzla is a big promoter of the natural Black woman.Whether or not a Rasta Man can be with a Rasta woman would depend on whether the two can coexist without compromising each others values.

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