Reasons dating young hok and lacey dating

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Reasons dating young

Topics that were controversial with my husband and his friends — gay marriage, open relationships, kinky sex — are just the norm with these guys, so I can really be myself.” Sylvia is a firecracker.She runs a marketing company, coaches soccer and sits on several boards. I don’t have to drag them out to events or leave early because they’re tired. It has only been a few months, but we’re already talking about moving in together.They all agree that younger men are more open to learning, eager to please and offer greater reciprocity in the bedroom. Have you had success dating outside of your age bracket? “If I want to lie back and relax, he does the work. We’re in this for the long term, so of course he’ll age and his body will change.

Obviously, younger men have testosterone on their side, which will inevitably fade with time, but the women I spoke with say it has nothing to do with sex drive. These guys actually care about how they look.” Though there are no universal traits within a generation, these women believe they found the solution to modern dating problems and it’s all about the fountain of youth.

“He was sweet, attentive and pursued me quite persistently.

I didn’t get it because my husband hadn’t paid any attention to me after I had kids.

This is possible with younger women because they have many other alternatives, so they can move on more easily.

Also, they may not be looking for serious relationships, and that excited older men.

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People wonder how can a young woman be with an older man, and what is the reason why older men prefer much younger women.

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