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Though, I don't want to hang onto that fantasy and believe that I will somehow be complete when I'm with someone. I'm fortunate to have what I have, physically, mentally and materiallisticly (comparatively). The more in my life I tried to chase happiness outside of a relatioship the more I am surrounded by people who are happy with their relatiomships and family.And the more these people make me realize how important having a SO and family are. It's not really a real 'job', but I have to work 7 days to meet all the deadlines.Friends With Benefits Vs Dating: 6 Clear Signs You & FWB should Start Serious Dating 7.

One of my main aims in life is like yours - saving for retirement.

I don’t even buy myself anything, no matter how “cheap” because I’m saving for retirement as I’ll probably stop working in 40 years.

Yes, but I'm also increasingly half-assed at both work and leisure.

At work many tasks require searching the web for answers and then I'm casually browsing the same websites again and again. Sometimes I interrupt to research some work problem that comes to my mind in that instant.

I'm not a complete slacker at work, there are still tasks where I'm very efficient.

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I couldn't really find anyone when I actually had energy to go out and do things, and now that I dont have the energy anymore it's just even worse.