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Ritesh deshmukh dating

And what a great thing that she decided to go ahead or she would not have met Riteish.

What actually happened when the two met for the time is a truly funny story.

You may not know this, but at first Genelia was very reluctant to accept the movie because she did not want to pursue a career in acting!

But when she saw the Tamil version of the movie, she decided to go ahead and give it a shot.

When you think of a Bollywood couple, you’d think about romantic, over-the-top proposals, but this wan’t the case in the Genelia – Ritesh Deshmukh marriage as Riteish is yet to propose to Genelia!

Their love story truly sparkles, even without a diamond ring glittering on her finger. There was no great realization of love which overtook them and swept them off their feet.

But what they both love about their relationship is the fact that even with all the changes that have come about in their lives, they both manage to remain the best friends they were since the very beginning of the relationship.(Does this remind every one of Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na, or is it just me?) They both admit that neither of them is very romantic.As soon as they did, however, they did realize there was something there.Genelia says she was taken aback by how nice he actually was, contrary to all her expectations.

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So she had decided to show him some attitude before had the chance to do that to her.

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