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THE DIRTY ARMY: Samantha Maynard of Wallaceburg is a dirty side pig that likes to TRY and break up marriages . For real girl -you been married twice – you’d think one of your ex husbands would have wanted to fix that jagged ass tooth protruding from your face.

She actively pursues married men and doesn’t care that they’re married . If you ever lose your temp job at CF you could always chisel ice sculptures with your tooth or become a professional can opener .

Even more pathetic , skid mark Sam gave out her house key to a man she didn’t really know . She’s been married twice and couldn’t keep either man . She hides behind fake names on Facebook and pretends to be her own friend on fb messenger which is really weird .

Smart decision when you have a 9 year old daughter . Samantha the stretch mark wasn’t woman enough to show up at my door herself . You’re already using a fake name honey so why did you talk to me like you’re your own friend ? She got ahold of me under the pseudonym Nicole Elizabeth on messenger .

She wouldn’t answer the phone when I called her after the spineless turd was harassing me via text . ” This just goes to show how smart the pig is – I’m his wife of 20 years – how did mine taste ?

Oh also Spineless Sammy , if you’re reading this – Jan 6 was my period time -he had Sex with me then went to your house and screwed you . – But you didn’t mind he had a wife he was already screwing because you’re as gross as him . My mom passed away last November – pig sa Mantha said that while I was “mourning the loss of my mom , she was moaning w my husband “. World you might to know that skid mark Sammy likes to fake pregnancies . She sent me an ultrasound and told me it was my husbands baby .

I love techno and flashy lights, body piercings and tight leather ::) Our Mission | Who We Are | Contact Us | FAQ'S | Testimonials | Terms of Service | Privacy Policy | Gay Dating | Join Now GLAAD | Affiliate Program Copyright © Sep 2019 Pride Dating. he’s so mental that he talks to friken pigeons, he’s a lonely slore and he is rude.. cute as fuk THE DIRTY ARMY: This little piece of trash will fuk your husband and leave them for dead. She fuks anything that walks and likes the young guys as long as they give her pepsi. She fuked my husband and then fuked another guy in the same night. I enjoy helping others and my profession allows me to do so. That's the refreshing essence of Sarnia and there's a lot of love in the air.

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She’s nothing but a pathetic , sad , ugly bag of smashed buttholes .